Friday, February 05, 2010

Cold White Blanket & Warm Chocolate Goodies

It's snowing again.  The weather channel calls for winter weather until at least Monday.  How many inches will we get this time around?  I'm predicting 6-8inches.  We've already had about 2 since late yesterday.  It really is beautiful coming down.  This is the first time I have seen snow in 6 years. However, I am already over it.  I want spring flowers, green grass, and warm sunshine....oh and sunflowers that are farmed here!

My daughter asked for brownies.  She sat on the counter to help me stir (and to stick her finger in the bowl).  She's a chocolate freak.  While they were cooking she ate mandarin oranges....YUM!  It's naptime for both girls.  Later, after lunch, we get to eat brownies.  Maybe we'll have peppermint tea to go with our snack!

Our tax return came in today.  Praise the Lord!  Time to pay things off again.

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